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As seen in Craft & Design Magazine….

In issue 232 of the well respected magazine Craft & Design, you’ll spot a feature on the iWoodAMP. Titled “Working with Wood” the article discusses Bens approach to design and how the iWoodAMP works. There is also a hint about some new products that will be available soon. The following is taken from the article:

“The iWood-AMP is a solid piece of locally sourced sustainable timber that is shaped to hold your tablet and to allow it to be charged whilst in use. This makes watching movies, catching up on TV, browsing with friends or sharing music easier and more convenient. Where the iWood-AMP is really clever though, is without the need for plastic, wire or batteries, it also makes your hand held device louder! Using a unique acoustic curve, ingenuity and nature, it amplifiesthe volume of any tabletwith a speaker on the edge. The significant difference in the sound quality and level is amazing!”

The magazine is available from
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EU Design Registration

After months of work, we have invested in the iWood-Amp by getting its unique design registered across the European Community. Whilst we hope that no one will try to copy the iWood-Amp, we know that we now have some legal protection.

By coincidence one of our most recent customers is a lawyer who told us that he uses his iWood-Amp to play music while he reads through client documents at home. Let’s hope we never have to use his services.

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A Lovely Comment…

We have just received a lovely comment from a customer and thought it would be nice to share it:  

It was good to see that you were at the fayre at the week-end with more iwood-amps. Not only did the iwood-amp (as spotted by our 11 year old daughter), make the perfect present for my husband at Christmas 2012, but it has been in daily use ever since.  The sound is fabulous, it is portable, tactile, made from sustainable wood and each one is unique.  A ‘must-have’!

Thank you.